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The Burning of the Clarendon Bridge



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                   Fayetteville Arsenal

            The Fayetteville, NC Arsenal

The year is 1836 and the US Congress decided to construct an arsenal in Fayetteville, NC.  In 1859 the Arsenal was upgraded to an arsenal of construction.  Hostilities between the North and South continue to mount and on April 22, 1861, General Draughon and forces secured the Arsenal for the State of North Carolina.  This large complex eventually became the Confederate States of America Arsenal until completely destroyed by the Northern Invaders on March 14, 1865.                 IT'S YOUR HERITAGE !


                  Sherman troops at First Presbyterian Chuch

                First Presbyterian Church - Fayetteville, NC

The "Army of Northern Aggression" under the command of General William T. Sherman has entered the town of Fayetteville, NC.  In order to keep control of the town, Union troops have positioned on the south lawn at the First Presbyterian Church.  The center of government at James Square is two blocks distant.  Person Street, the main business area, and the Market Square are but a block distant. Many things took place during the next few days to our lovely town and its citizens.       IT'S YOUR HERITAGE !



                    Skirmish at the Market House

               Skirmish at the Market House

General Wade Hampton is having a meal in a Hay Street restaurant when he is informed that the "Army of Northern Invaders" had reached the downtown area.  Borrowing a mount, General Hampton makes his way to Market Square where his troops are exchanging fire with the enemy.  This small force is to delay the approaching enemy while another force is burning the Clarendon Bridge.  Confederate Heroes gave their all in this battle.



                    Fayetteville Arsenal Rifle

                   The Fayetteville, NC Arsenal Rifle

The Enfield Rifle, manufactured in England, was purchased by the Confederate States for use in this war.  The rifle was a flintlock and had to be refurbished once it reached the Arsenal.  The rifle was changed from a flintlock to a ball and cap rifle which was more efficient in battle.                                      IT'S YOUR HERITAGE !



                Honoring Our Confederate Heroes

                Honoring Our Confederate Heroes

The war of Northern Aggression has been over for three years.  The good ladies of Fayetteville have decided that a monument should be erected to our CONFEDERATE  HEROES on a plot of ground in Old Cross Creek Cemetery.  It was decided that a large silk quilt of many colors would be made.  After its completion a raffle was held and a gentlemen in Tarboro, NC won the quilt.  The quilt was then given to Ex-President Jefferson Davis.  At his death the quilt was given by Mrs. Davis to the Confederate Museum in Richmond, VA.  The QUILT is still at Richmond.              ITS YOUR HERITAGE !



                Confederate Memories

                 Confederate Memories




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